Hi, I'm Tobias.

A fourteen year old photographer based in Amsterdam. 

About me

As I was saying, I’m Tobias. I started doing photography two years ago. 


These photos are taken in the centre of Amsterdam. 


personal session

Together we can create a professional portfolio for you. the shoot takes place both in studio and in nature, depending on what you want. 


City and nature photos

When I go outside, I like to capture the daily life of Amsterdam and more. So you can check out my city and Nature album out too!

Photos by Tobias.


Otto boermans
Otto boermansGreat photos!
Lees verder
Those are beautiful pictures! I love it! Ordered some photos a couple of days ago, and I received them yesterday. Great quality!
Preston Ziessen
Preston ZiessenWow!
Lees verder
Wow! You've really got some talent man! great photos. Keep up the good work!
Pauline V.
Pauline V. Good quality
Lees verder
I received my photo this morning. It turned out great! Good quality!

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